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We are a polymer hypermarket with a strong customer-centric approach.

Your needs are at the centre of our every conversation. We are not just vendors, we are your polymer partners.

Worldwide suppliers and growing
Metric tonnes of polymer supplied over our 40-year history
Unique products and growing
Why Us?
Why Us?
Why Us?

A Polymer Hypermarket

  • Access an evolving catalogue of over 196 unique products.

  • We’ve partnered with leading suppliers to offer you the best selection of brands and products.

A truly personalized experience.

  • Our sales and marketing team takes the time to deeply understand your business needs and challenges - big or small.

  • Our team will give you access to vital market insights and technical support.

  • Our Goal?
    To build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. Because when you win, we win.

Your one stop solution.

  • We offer raw materials, polymers, machinery and technical support - our inventory is your hypermarket.

  • Buy multiple products at one go exploring numerous buying options for each product.

  • Multiple products can be purchased at once across numerous buying options.

  • Our extensive industry knowledge, combined with our 40+ years of experience helps us overcome any challenge - big or small.

If you’re a beginner in the industry, our team of experts can give you technical support and industry advice on the machinery and polymers that will be the perfect fit for you.

With extended access to our diverse support network extending to leading manufacturers, there’s no problem we cannot solve.
Strong presence in
South Asian economies
Credit facilities
We work with customers
of all sizes
Strong presence in
South Asian economies
We’re a family-owned and professionally-run business that began our journey from Nepal over 40 years ago.
Today we are a regional brand spread across six strategic markets - Singapore, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Credit facilities
We provide financial support to all our vetted customers with the help of our in-house credit facility.
We work with customers
of all sizes
We pride ourselves on being a customer-driven company. Regardless of the size of the business, we will treat you with passion and dedication.

We Offer Tailored
360° Support

We Offer Tailored
360° Support


Our sales team will assist you every step of the way. We will help ensure that all pre and post-sale regulations, documentation, and requirements are met while ensuring top quality products.

We provide technical support to all our customers at no extra cost. Our dedicated, extended technical team has a wealth of experience and is equipped to overcome any technical challenge your business may face.

Armed with valuable market insights, our marketing team will help you make informed purchasing decisions based on factors such as global demand supply, pricing, projections etc

We will help move your cargo across International borders to your desired destination. If you send us a request prior to sales, we can coordinate directly with your logistics partner.




Our products


  • High-quality polymers that cater to a variety of markets, industries and applications.

  • We are your best bet for the finest polymer performance and technology.

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  • We inspire innovation with our wide range of durable, state of the art machinery.

  • Skilled craftspeople work to produce high-quality parts and machinery that fit your requirements.

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  • Our flexible packaging solutions fulfil various needs across a multitude of sectors.

  • Our ISO accredited suppliers with the best quality check frameworks ensure only the highest quality films reach you.

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  • Our range of chemicals can complement your manufacturing needs across an extensive range of products.

  • All personnel undergo training before entering into service with us.

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Few Of The Industries We Serve

Polymet has become the frontier partner and supplier for companies operating in all polymer and polymer related industries.

Plastics account for more than 50% of the world’s principal packaging requirements. Its indispensable features like flexibility, ease of manufacturing and strength, coupled with its low cost and weight, make it an essential tool that drives our economies.
The plastics industry is one of the largest globally, contributing majorly to various global economies.

Plastics are widely used in today’s construction industry, from plumbing to insulation and interior design. Its versatility has bought in significant cost savings and has helped upgrade water infrastructure worldwide.

Global plastic use has more than tripled between 1990 and 2015, and this trend is expected to continue. The worldwide commodity plastics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6%, from USD 468.3 billion in 2020 to USD 596.1 billion in just five years. Currently, the most widely used thermoplastics globally are Polypropylene and Polyethylene – both of which are part of our vast product inventory.

There is no other way to put this; plastics have revolutionised the global healthcare industry. Disposable plastic needs, insulin pens, IV tubes and heart valves are some of the innovative ways plastics have been used. However, plastics are now helping us unlock a new tomorrow with prosthetics.

Client Stories

DOW Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd.

“Polymet has been consistently investing in resources and infrastructure with a customer service mindset for the past few years now. They have a very professional, motivated and customer-oriented team. I wish them all the very best of continuous business growth.”

Mr Vipul Babu Sales Director, India SC, Packaging & Specialty Plastics

TPSC Asia Pte. Ltd.

“Polymet SA has really helped our company establish a good rapport in the Singapore market. I am confident and can surely recommend the services of the Polymet SA team."

Ms Tina AngSales Manager

Thai Polyethylene Co. Ltd. (SCG)

“It has been an amazing experience working with the Polymet SA team. The company is composed of professional people with the capability to satisfy customers through excellent operations, and to always seek business opportunities to grow together with all related stakeholders.”

Mr Thanwa Udom-PiriyasakExport Department Manager

Hanwha Solutions

"I have been working with Polymet for years and am satisfied with their performance. Polymet is punctual and maintains a good relationship with its local customers."

Ms Minji Go Deputy general manager

MM Group of Companies

"Polymet caters to the needs of polymers and machinery under one roof. We appreciate their expertise in the field of polymers, and we're extremely satisfied with the service we received for the last many years on the requirement of Polymers for our industry.
We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the company in shaping our sector as it is today. We would like to wish the entire team  great success."

Mr Suyesh PyakurelManaging Director

Nepal Hilltop Industries Pvt. Ltd.

"We are proud to be associated with Polymet & like to express our gratitude in this moment of great celebration. Time passes on but successful 35 years of achievement is a great thing. Polymet Group is a name synonymous with polymers in Nepal." 

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Mr Deepak Shrestha Chairman

Marvel Technoplast Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to thank you and your team for your excellent service to our organization. We are truly delighted by the level of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by your team."

Click here to read full story

Mr Pawan K Sancheti Vice President

Pashupati Synpack

"We would like to congratulate you on completing 35 years of business. We have had a wonderful experience working together and are proud to be associated with your company for our requirement of different grades of polymers as well as machinery."

Click here to read full story

Mr Anupam RathiManaging Director

Rapid Creation Industries Pvt. Ltd.

“Working with Polymet over the years, we have been able to develop and source multiple products from a single source at a competitive price. They can provide 360-degree solutions and exceptional support when there is a requirement.

Having a knowledgeable and proactive team adds to the quality of the service while also conducting knowledge sharing seminars in helping improve the industry standards is an active culture at Polymet”

Mr Janaka Manjula Ranatunga Managing Director

Polydime International Pvt. Ltd.

"As a vendor, we rely on partnerships and relationships. We need our partners to understand our supply chain and business model and work in sync with us for all our raw material requirements.

The Polymet global team has always been there to support us in these endeavours, and we have counted on their service in this regard which has been delivered to our satisfaction."

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Mr Johann Tranchell Director, Sales and Marketing

Ajay Industrial Corporation Ltd.

"We appreciate your prompt offers and responses for the polymers. We wish to put on record our appreciation for serving us from time to time.

We also get good attention for our new products/grades from you from time to time as you simultaneously show interest in our needs. We thank you for the same and request you to further improve our mutual long term business association."

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Mr Anuj JainManaging Director

Bulk Liquid Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"We have been associated with Polymet for a long time. We wish to thank Polymet & express our appreciation for their professional approach, prompt offers & responses for the polymers offered as well as the introductions to new polymers being developed. We wish you the very best."

Mr Arun K KabraCEO

Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

"It is our pleasure to mention that we have been associating with Polymet SA for several years for sourcing of polymer granules and polymer related market updates.

Wishing great success in the coming years too."

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Mr Renjan JayachendranHead of Procurement & Supply Chain

Windsor Machines Ltd.

"Windsor has been associated with PolymetSA since 2014. PolymetSA was instrumental in developing Extrusion and Injection moulding machine markets and helping us reach the leadership position in Blown Film, Pipe Extrusion and Injection Moulding Business in Nepal.

We cherish and continue our relations with PolymetSA and serve the customers with value added products and services."

Mr Vinay Bansod Executive Director & CEO

Poly Packaging Services

"Collaboration with Polymet has enabled us to unlock tremendous potential in multiple areas of our operations with the help of their multiple product offering ranging from granules to machinery.

Their insights into complex problems and knowledge sharing in developments and ability to execute improvements based on products and service offerings has been impressive and exciting."

Mr Benny JeyakumarCEO

Aqua-Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

"Products manufactured by us demand high quality and variability according to varied requirements of our customers. Working with Polymet which provides product offers from multiple supply sources has helped us meet these requirements.

We appreciate Polymet’s 360 degree solutions, technical support and knowledge sharing which are truly customer focused. They have been there to share probabilities and potentials enabling us to explore new product requirements from our customers.

Ease of work and the ability to source multiple products under one company and dedicated support services have always been the core of the great relationship we have with Polymet."

Mr Sarath WijesingheChairman

Chamu Internation Pvt. Ltd.

"It is our pleasure to mention that we have been associating with Polymet SA for several years for sourcing of polymer granules and polymer related market updates.

Wishing great success in the coming years too."

Click here to read full story

Mr Chamupathi PereraManaging Director

Urotek Industries

"We are associated with your company. We appreciate your prompt offers, responses for the polymers. We wish to put on record our appreciation in serving us from time to time. We also appreciate your professional approach in dealing with post sales operations, like payment terms, documentations, logistics etc promptly.

We also get good attention to our new products/grades from you from time to time & show interest in our needs. We thank you for the same and request you to further improve our mutual long term business association."

Mr Prakash AgrawalPartner

Meghna Group

"Polymet has been our business partner for the last 10 years. Through continuous dialogue and knowledge sharing, we have been able to steer projects through the inevitable change management with their Global polymer solution.

Polymet has been an integral part of MGI supply chain management by not only supplying materials, but also sharing expertise, know-how on various markets and technologies which gave us an edge in the market."

Mr Tanzima Mostafa Director

Burhani Poly Films Pvt. Ltd.

"Thank you for your continued partnership throughout the years. The last few years have been quite challenging and seems like it will only get more challenging moving forward given the Covid effects in the country. We appreciate you being a partner with us throughout the difficult times and look forward to you continuing to do so in the time to come as well.

Testing times can be better managed when the journey is with associates who have a true concern, as you do. We greatly appreciate your team. Their fast and friendly service is a rare gem in the supply chain world right now!"

Mr Murtaza AmirudeenManaging Director

Top Sack Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

We are an exporter based at Bengaluru for the past 12 years and we are a happy customer of Polymet, since the past 5 years.

We at Topsack Packaging Pvt Limited have a highly satisfied and long standing relationship with Polymet as a result of procuring the best quality Raw materials from them.

Mr Ritesh NatakC.E.O

Alliance Polysacks Pvt. Ltd.

We have been associated with Polymet since a long time.

We wish to thank you & appreciate your professional approach, prompt offers & responses for the polymers offered as well as introduction to new polymersbeing developed.

Mr Sanjeev JainManaging Director

Jumbo Bag Ltd.

"We have associated with your company for many years now. We appreciate prompt and regular offers and also follow up on the offers. The response to request for offers, post sales and other business requirements have been appreciable and prompt.

We find that you have at various points' added suppliers and grades and you have kept us informed of those so that we could consider them for import as well. We urge you to keep up the good work and hope to have a continued and mutually long term business association."

Mr G S Anil KumarManaging Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will going through Polymet SA increase my cost?

No, it will not. Producers sell products as per market price, referring to established market indexes. We were an extended marketing arm of producers. Our cost is covered under the marketing and distribution cost of the producer. Our suppliers fully control our end price for all our customers.

Will the information I share with Polymet SA be disclosed to my competitors?

No, we do not disclose customer information. We're a company standing on strong foundations of trust and ethics. All the conversations we have, regardless of ending in a sale, will remain confidential.

I prefer working with a producer to gain access to their technical expertise. Will going through Polymet SA impose restrictions?

You will always have full access to our producers. Our business model was built, keeping absolute transparency at the core. Our dedicated, extended technical team will be fully accessible to you, and all development discussions you have with them will be kept confidential.

As a large-sized company looking to place a massive order, it's in my best interest to directly deal with the producer. Why would I want to choose Polymet SA as a middle entity?

Considering all producers have a large scale of operations, it'll be difficult for them to give you the required attention or fully understand your needs and demands. We bridge this gap by ensuring smooth hassle-free operations at either end. We can accomplish this because of the strong relationships we've fostered with all our producers. All at no additional cost to you!

Does Polymet SA bring customers any cost advantage?

With a large scale of businesses spread across sectors, producers find it challenging to pay the same amount of attention to every customer. This is where we come in. We streamline the entire process, from ideation to execution, by diving deep into your requirements, saving you lots of time and money. We give a cost advantage with added services of expertise from our end, all this at no additional cost to you.

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